Defined in include/foundation/PxBroadcast.h

class PxAllocationListener

Abstract listener class that listens to allocation and deallocation events from the foundation memory system.

Threading: All methods of this class should be thread safe as it can be called from the user thread or the physics processing thread(s).

Public Functions

virtual void onAllocation(size_t size, const char *typeName, const char *filename, int line, void *allocatedMemory) = 0

callback when memory is allocated.

  • size – Size of the allocation in bytes.

  • typeName – Type this data is being allocated for.

  • filename – File the allocation came from.

  • line – the allocation came from.

  • allocatedMemory – memory that will be returned from the allocation.

virtual void onDeallocation(void *allocatedMemory) = 0

callback when memory is deallocated.


allocatedMemory – memory just before allocation.

Protected Functions

inline virtual ~PxAllocationListener()