Defined in include/extensions/PxBinaryConverter.h

class PxBinaryConverter

Binary converter for serialized streams.


Binary conversion and binary meta data are deprecated.

The binary converter class is targeted at converting binary streams from authoring platforms, such as windows, osx or linux to any game runtime platform supported by PhysX. Particularly it is currently not supported to run the converter on a platforms that has an endian mismatch with the platform corresponding to the source binary file and source meta data.

If you want to use multiple threads for batch conversions, please create one instance of this class for each thread.

Public Functions

virtual void release() = 0

Releases binary converter.

virtual void setReportMode(PxConverterReportMode::Enum mode) = 0

Sets desired report mode.


mode[in] Report mode

virtual bool setMetaData(PxInputStream &srcMetaData, PxInputStream &dstMetaData) = 0

Setups source and target meta-data streams.

The source meta data provided needs to have the same endianness as the platform the converter is run on. The meta data needs to be set before calling the conversion method.

  • srcMetaData[in] Source platform’s meta-data stream

  • dstMetaData[in] Target platform’s meta-data stream


True if success

virtual bool compareMetaData() const = 0

Test utility function to compare two sets of meta data.

The meta data needs to be set before calling the compareMetaData method. This method will issue PxErrorCode::eDEBUG_INFO messages if mismatches are encountered.


True if meta data is equivalend

virtual bool convert(PxInputStream &srcStream, PxU32 srcSize, PxOutputStream &targetStream) = 0

Converts binary stream from source platform to target platform.

The converter needs to be configured with source and destination meta data before calling the conversion method. The source meta data needs to correspond to the same platform as the source binary data.

  • srcStream[in] Source stream

  • srcSize[in] Number of bytes to convert

  • targetStream[in] Target stream


True if success

Protected Functions

inline PxBinaryConverter()
inline virtual ~PxBinaryConverter()