Defined in include/PxScene.h

class PxBroadPhaseCallback

Broad-phase callback to receive broad-phase related events.

Each broadphase callback object is associated with a PxClientID. It is possible to register different callbacks for different clients. The callback functions are called this way:

  • for shapes/actors, the callback assigned to the actors’ clients are used

  • for aggregates, the callbacks assigned to clients from aggregated actors are used

Threading: It is not necessary to make this class thread safe as it will only be called in the context of the user thread.


SDK state should not be modified from within the callbacks. In particular objects should not be created or destroyed. If state modification is needed then the changes should be stored to a buffer and performed after the simulation step.

Public Functions

inline virtual ~PxBroadPhaseCallback()
virtual void onObjectOutOfBounds(PxShape &shape, PxActor &actor) = 0

Out-of-bounds notification.

This function is called when an object leaves the broad-phase.

  • shape[in] Shape that left the broad-phase bounds

  • actor[in] Owner actor

virtual void onObjectOutOfBounds(PxAggregate &aggregate) = 0

Out-of-bounds notification.

This function is called when an aggregate leaves the broad-phase.


aggregate[in] Aggregate that left the broad-phase bounds