Defined in include/PxBroadPhase.h

class PxBroadPhaseDesc

Broadphase descriptor.

This structure is used to create a standalone broadphase. It captures all the parameters needed to initialize a broadphase.

For the GPU broadphase (PxBroadPhaseType::eGPU) it is necessary to provide a CUDA context manager.

The kinematic filtering flags are currently not supported by the GPU broadphase. They are used to dismiss pairs that involve kinematic objects directly within the broadphase.

Public Functions

inline PxBroadPhaseDesc(PxBroadPhaseType::Enum type = PxBroadPhaseType::eLAST)
inline bool isValid() const

Public Members

PxBroadPhaseType::Enum mType

Desired broadphase implementation.

PxU64 mContextID

Context ID for profiler. See PxProfilerCallback.

PxCudaContextManager *mContextManager

(GPU) CUDA context manager, must be provided for PxBroadPhaseType::eGPU.

PxU32 mFoundLostPairsCapacity

(GPU) Capacity of found and lost buffers allocated in GPU global memory. This is used for the found/lost pair reports in the BP.

bool mDiscardStaticVsKinematic

Static-vs-kinematic filtering flag. Not supported by PxBroadPhaseType::eGPU.

bool mDiscardKinematicVsKinematic

kinematic-vs-kinematic filtering flag. Not supported by PxBroadPhaseType::eGPU.