Defined in include/common/windows/PxWindowsDelayLoadHook.h

class PxDelayLoadHook


This is a helper class for delay loading the PhysXCommon dll and PhysXFoundation dll. If a PhysXCommon dll or PhysXFoundation dll with a non-default file name needs to be loaded, PxDelayLoadHook can be sub-classed to provide the custom filenames.

Once the names are set, the instance must be set for use by PhysX.dll using PxSetPhysXDelayLoadHook(), PhysXCooking.dll using PxSetPhysXCookingDelayLoadHook() or by PhysXCommon.dll using PxSetPhysXCommonDelayLoadHook().

Public Functions

inline PxDelayLoadHook()
inline virtual ~PxDelayLoadHook()
virtual const char *getPhysXFoundationDllName() const = 0
virtual const char *getPhysXCommonDllName() const = 0