Defined in include/geometry/PxReportCallback.h

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Base Type

template<class T>
class PxDynamicArrayReportCallback : public PxReportCallback<T>

Dynamic array report callback.

This callback emulates the behavior of pushing results to a (user-provided) dynamic array.

This customized callback does not actually call users back during the query, results are available afterwards in the provided dynamic array. This would be the same as having a PxArray directly in the query interface.

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Public Functions

inline PxDynamicArrayReportCallback(PxArray<T> &results)
inline virtual bool flushResults(PxU32 nbItems, const T*)

Reports query results to users.

This will be called by the system as many times as necessary to report all results.

  • nbItems[in] Number of reported items

  • items[in] array of reported items


true to continue the query, false to abort the query

Public Members

PxArray<T> &mResults
T *mBuffer
PxU32 mCapacity
PxU32 mSize

Current number of items in the buffer. This is entirely managed by the system.