Defined in include/extensions/PxDefaultSimulationFilterShader.h

class PxGroupsMask

64-bit mask used for collision filtering.

The collision filtering equation for 2 objects o0 and o1 is:


  • G0 = PxGroupsMask for object o0. See PxSetGroupsMask

  • G1 = PxGroupsMask for object o1. See PxSetGroupsMask

  • K0 = filtering constant 0. See PxSetFilterConstants

  • K1 = filtering constant 1. See PxSetFilterConstants

  • b = filtering boolean. See PxSetFilterBool

  • op0, op1, op2 = filtering operations. See PxSetFilterOps

If the filtering equation is true, collision detection is enabled.

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Public Functions

inline PxGroupsMask()
inline ~PxGroupsMask()

Public Members

PxU16 bits0
PxU16 bits1
PxU16 bits2
PxU16 bits3