Defined in include/common/PxInsertionCallback.h

class PxInsertionCallback

Callback interface that permits TriangleMesh, Heightfield, ConvexMesh or BVH to be used directly without the need to store the cooking results into a stream.

Using this is advised only if real-time cooking is required; using “offline” cooking and streams is otherwise preferred.

The default PxInsertionCallback implementations must be used. The PxPhysics default callback can be obtained using the PxPhysics::getPhysicsInsertionCallback(). The PxCooking default callback can be obtained using the PxCooking::getStandaloneInsertionCallback().

See also

PxCooking PxPhysics

Public Functions

inline PxInsertionCallback()
virtual PxBase *buildObjectFromData(PxConcreteType::Enum type, void *data) = 0

Builds object (TriangleMesh, Heightfield, ConvexMesh or BVH) from given data in PxPhysics.

  • type – Object type to build.

  • data – Object data


PxBase Created object in PxPhysics.

Protected Functions

inline virtual ~PxInsertionCallback()