Defined in include/PxNodeIndex.h

class PxNodeIndex


Node index is the unique index for each actor referenced by the island gen. It contains details like if the actor is an articulation or rigid body. If it is an articulation, the node index also contains the link index of the rigid body within the articulation. Also, it contains information to detect whether the rigid body is static body or not

Public Functions

inline explicit PxNodeIndex(PxU32 id, PxU32 articLinkId)
inline explicit PxNodeIndex(PxU32 id = 0xFFFFFFFFu)
inline PxU32 index() const
inline PxU32 articulationLinkId() const
inline PxU32 isArticulation() const
inline bool isStaticBody() const
inline bool isValid() const
inline void setIndices(PxU32 index, PxU32 articLinkId)
inline void setIndices(PxU32 index)
inline bool operator<(const PxNodeIndex &other) const
inline bool operator<=(const PxNodeIndex &other) const
inline bool operator==(const PxNodeIndex &other) const
inline PxU64 getInd() const

Protected Attributes

PxU64 ind