Defined in include/pvd/PxPvdTransport.h

class PxPvdTransport

PxPvdTransport is an interface representing the data transport mechanism.

This class defines all services associated with the transport: configuration, connection, reading, writing etc. It is owned by the application, and can be realized as a file or a socket (using one-line PxDefault<…> methods in PhysXExtensions) or in a custom implementation. This is a class that is intended for use by PVD, not by the application, the application entry points are PxPvd and PvdClient.

Public Functions

virtual bool connect() = 0

Connects to the Visual Debugger application.

return True if success

virtual void disconnect() = 0

Disconnects from the Visual Debugger application.

If we are still connected, this will kill the entire debugger connection.

virtual bool isConnected() = 0

Return if connection to PVD is created.

virtual bool write(const uint8_t *inBytes, uint32_t inLength) = 0

write bytes to the other endpoint of the connection.

should lock before witre. If an error occurs this connection will assume to be dead.

virtual PxPvdTransport &lock() = 0
virtual void unlock() = 0
virtual void flush() = 0

send any data and block until we know it is at least on the wire.

virtual uint64_t getWrittenDataSize() = 0

Return size of written data.

virtual void release() = 0

Protected Functions

inline virtual ~PxPvdTransport()