Defined in include/geometry/PxSimpleTriangleMesh.h

Inheritance Relationships

Derived Type

class PxSimpleTriangleMesh

A structure describing a triangle mesh.

Subclassed by PxTriangleMeshDesc

Public Functions

inline PxSimpleTriangleMesh()

constructor sets to default.

inline void setToDefault()

(re)sets the structure to the default.

inline bool isValid() const

returns true if the current settings are valid

Public Members

PxBoundedData points

Pointer to first vertex point.

PxBoundedData triangles

Pointer to first triangle.

Caller may add triangleStrideBytes bytes to the pointer to access the next triangle.

These are triplets of 0 based indices: vert0 vert1 vert2 vert0 vert1 vert2 vert0 vert1 vert2 …

where vertex is either a 32 or 16 bit unsigned integer. There are numTriangles*3 indices.

This is declared as a void pointer because it is actually either an PxU16 or a PxU32 pointer.

PxMeshFlags flags

Flags bits, combined from values of the enum PxMeshFlag.