Defined in include/geometry/PxSphereGeometry.h

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

class PxSphereGeometry : public PxGeometry

A class representing the geometry of a sphere.

Spheres are defined by their radius.


The scaling of the sphere is expected to be baked into this value, there is no additional scaling parameter.

Public Functions

inline PxSphereGeometry(PxReal ir = 0.0f)


inline PxSphereGeometry(const PxSphereGeometry &that)

Copy constructor.


that[in] Other object

inline void operator=(const PxSphereGeometry &that)

Assignment operator.

inline bool isValid() const

Returns true if the geometry is valid.

See also

PxRigidActor::createShape, PxPhysics::createShape


A valid sphere has radius > 0.

It is illegal to call PxRigidActor::createShape and

PxPhysics::createShape with a sphere that has zero radius.


True if the current settings are valid

inline PxGeometryType::Enum getType() const

Returns the type of the geometry.


The type of the object.

Public Members

PxReal radius

The radius of the sphere.

float mTypePadding

Protected Attributes

PxGeometryType::Enum mType