Defined in include/cooking/PxTetrahedronMeshDesc.h

class PxTetrahedronMeshDesc

Descriptor class for PxTetrahedronMesh (contains only pure geometric data).

Public Types

enum PxMeshFormat

Defines the tetrahedron structure of a mesh.


enumerator eTET_MESH

Normal tetmesh with arbitrary tetrahedra.

enumerator eHEX_MESH

6 tetrahedra in a row will form a hexahedron

Public Functions

inline PxTetrahedronMeshDesc()

Constructor to build an empty tetmesh description.

inline PxTetrahedronMeshDesc(physx::PxArray<physx::PxVec3> &meshVertices, physx::PxArray<physx::PxU32> &meshTetIndices, const PxTetrahedronMeshDesc::PxMeshFormat meshFormat = eTET_MESH)

Constructor to build a tetmeshdescription that links to the vertices and indices provided.

inline bool isValid() const

Public Members

PxTypedStridedData<PxFEMMaterialTableIndex> materialIndices

Optional pointer to first material index, or NULL.

There are PxTetrahedronMesh::numTriangles indices in total. Caller may add materialIndexStride bytes to the pointer to access the next triangle.

When a tetrahedron mesh collides with another object, a material is required at the collision point. If materialIndices is NULL, then the material of the PxShape instance is used. Otherwise, if the point of contact is on a tetrahedron with index i, then the material index is determined as: PxFEMMaterialTableIndex index = *(PxFEMMaterialTableIndex *)(((PxU8*)materialIndices) + materialIndexStride * i);

If the contact point falls on a vertex or an edge, a tetrahedron adjacent to the vertex or edge is selected, and its index used to look up a material. The selection is arbitrary but consistent over time.

Default: NULL

See also


PxBoundedData points

Pointer to first vertex point.

PxBoundedData tetrahedrons

Pointer to first tetrahedron.

Caller may add tetrhedronStrideBytes bytes to the pointer to access the next tetrahedron.

These are quadruplets of 0 based indices: vert0 vert1 vert2 vert3 vert0 vert1 vert2 vert3 vert0 vert1 vert2 vert3 …

where vertex is either a 32 or 16 bit unsigned integer. There are numTetrahedrons*4 indices.

This is declared as a void pointer because it is actually either an PxU16 or a PxU32 pointer.

PxMeshFlags flags

Flags bits, combined from values of the enum PxMeshFlag.

PxU16 tetsPerElement

Used for simulation meshes only.

Defines if this tet mesh should be simulated as a tet mesh, or if a set of tetrahedra should be used to represent another shape, e.g. a hexahedral mesh constructed from 6 elements.