Defined in include/geometry/PxTriangle.h

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

class PxTrianglePadded : public PxTriangle

A padded version of PxTriangle, to safely load its data using SIMD.

Public Functions

inline PxTrianglePadded()
inline ~PxTrianglePadded()
inline void normal(PxVec3 &_normal) const

Compute the normal of the Triangle.


_normal[out] Triangle normal.

inline void denormalizedNormal(PxVec3 &_normal) const

Compute the unnormalized normal of the triangle.


_normal[out] Triangle normal (not normalized).

inline PxReal area() const

Compute the area of the triangle.


Area of the triangle.

inline PxVec3 pointFromUV(PxReal u, PxReal v) const

Computes a point on the triangle from u and v barycentric coordinates.

Public Members

PxU32 padding
PxVec3 verts[3]

Array of Vertices.