Defined in include/vehicle2/commands/PxVehicleCommandParams.h

class PxVehicleCommandNonLinearResponseParams


Brake, drive and steer response typically reduce at increased longitudinal speed. Moreover, response to a brake, throttle or steer command is typically nonlinear and may be subject to dead zones where response is constant with either zero or non-zero response. PxVehicleCommandNonLinearResponseParams allows command responses to be authored as multi-variate piecewise polynomials with normalized command response a function of command value and longitudinal speed.

Public Types

enum Enum



Public Functions

inline PxVehicleCommandNonLinearResponseParams()
inline void clear()
inline bool addResponse(const PxVehicleCommandValueResponseTable &commandValueSpeedResponses)

Add a table of normalised response vs speed and associated it with a specified command value.


commandValueSpeedResponses must be authored as a series of monotonically increasing series of speeds with form {speed, normalizedResponse}


The responses added must form a series of monotonically increasing commands.

Public Members

PxReal speedResponses[PxVehicleCommandValueResponseTable::eMAX_NB_SPEED_RESPONSES * 2]

A ragged array of speeds and normalized responses.

PxU16 nbSpeedResponses

The number of speeds and normalized responses.

PxU16 speedResponsesPerCommandValue[eMAX_NB_COMMAND_VALUES]

The table of speed responses for the ith command value begins at speedResponses[2*speedResponsesPerCommandValue[i]].

PxU16 nbSpeedRenponsesPerCommandValue[eMAX_NB_COMMAND_VALUES]

The ith command value has N speed responses with N = nbSpeedRenponsesPerCommandValue[i].

PxReal commandValues[eMAX_NB_COMMAND_VALUES]

The command values.

PxU16 nbCommandValues

The number of command values.