Defined in include/foundation/PxPreprocessor.h


Alignment macros.

PX_ALIGN_PREFIX and PX_ALIGN_SUFFIX can be used for type alignment instead of aligning individual variables as follows: PX_ALIGN_PREFIX(16) struct A { … } PX_ALIGN_SUFFIX(16); This declaration style is parsed correctly by Visual Assist. Deprecated macro

  • To deprecate a function: Place PX_DEPRECATED at the start of the function header (leftmost word).

  • To deprecate a ‘typedef’, a ‘struct’ or a ‘class’: Place PX_DEPRECATED directly after the keywords (‘typedef’, ‘struct’, ‘class’).

Use these macro definitions to create warnings for deprecated functions #define PX_DEPRECATED declspec(deprecated) // Microsoft #define PX_DEPRECATED __attribute((deprecated())) // GCC