Defined in include/extensions/PxSceneQuerySystemExt.h

PxSceneQuerySystem *PxCreateExternalSceneQuerySystem(const PxSceneQueryDesc &desc, PxU64 contextID)

Creates an external scene query system.

An external SQ system is the part of a PxScene that deals with scene queries (SQ). This is usually taken care of by an internal implementation inside PxScene, but it is also possible to re-route all SQ calls to an external implementation, potentially opening the door to some customizations in behavior and features for advanced users.

The following external SQ system is an example of how an implementation would look like. It re-uses much of the same code as the internal version, but it could be re-implemented in a completely different way to match users’ specific needs.

  • desc[in] Scene query descriptor

  • contextID[in] Context ID parameter, sent to the profiler


An external SQ system instance