Defined in include/extensions/PxSamplingExt.h

PxPoissonSampler *PxCreateShapeSampler(const PxGeometry &geometry, const PxTransform &transform, const PxBounds3 &worldBounds, PxReal initialSamplingRadius, PxI32 numSampleAttemptsAroundPoint = 30)

Creates a shape sampler.

  • geometry[in] The shape that defines the surface on which the samples get created

  • transform[in] The shape’s global pose

  • worldBounds[in] The shapes bounding box

  • initialSamplingRadius[in] The closest distance two surface samples are allowed to have

  • numSampleAttemptsAroundPoint[in] Number of repetitions the underlying algorithm performs to find a new valid sample that matches all criteria like minimal distance to existing samples etc.


Returns the sampler