Defined in include/extensions/PxCustomSceneQuerySystem.h

PxCustomSceneQuerySystem *PxCreateCustomSceneQuerySystem(PxSceneQueryUpdateMode::Enum sceneQueryUpdateMode, PxU64 contextID, const PxCustomSceneQuerySystemAdapter &adapter, bool usesTreeOfPruners = false)

Creates a custom scene query system.

This is similar to PxCreateExternalSceneQuerySystem, except this function creates a PxCustomSceneQuerySystem object. It can be plugged to PxScene the same way, via PxSceneDesc::sceneQuerySystem.

  • sceneQueryUpdateMode[in] Desired update mode

  • contextID[in] Context ID parameter, sent to the profiler

  • adapter[in] Adapter class implementing our extended API

  • usesTreeOfPruners[in] True to keep pruners themselves in a BVH, which might increase query performance if a lot of pruners are involved


A custom SQ system instance