Defined in include/extensions/PxJoint.h

void PxSetJointGlobalFrame(physx::PxJoint &joint, const physx::PxVec3 *wsAnchor, const physx::PxVec3 *wsAxis)

Helper function to setup a joint’s global frame.

This replaces the following functions from previous SDK versions:

void NxJointDesc::setGlobalAnchor(const NxVec3& wsAnchor); void NxJointDesc::setGlobalAxis(const NxVec3& wsAxis);

The function sets the joint’s localPose using world-space input parameters.

  • wsAnchor[in] Global frame anchor point. Range: position vector

  • wsAxis[in] Global frame axis. Range: direction vector

  • joint[inout] Joint having its global frame set.