Defined in include/extensions/PxSimpleFactory.h

PxRigidDynamic *PxCreateKinematic(PxPhysics &sdk, const PxTransform &transform, const PxGeometry &geometry, PxMaterial &material, PxReal density, const PxTransform &shapeOffset = PxTransform(PxIdentity))

simple method to create a kinematic PxRigidDynamic actor with a single PxShape.


unlike PxCreateDynamic, the geometry is not restricted to box, capsule, sphere or convex. However, kinematics of other geometry types may not participate in simulation collision and may be used only for triggers or scene queries of moving objects under animation control. In this case the density parameter will be ignored and the created shape will be set up as a scene query only shape (see PxShapeFlag::eSCENE_QUERY_SHAPE)

  • sdk[in] the PxPhysics object

  • transform[in] the global pose of the new object

  • geometry[in] the geometry of the new object’s shape

  • material[in] the material for the new object’s shape

  • density[in] the density of the new object. Must be greater than zero if the object is to participate in simulation.

  • shapeOffset[in] an optional offset for the new shape, defaults to identity


a new dynamic actor with the PxRigidBodyFlag::eKINEMATIC set, or NULL if it could not be constructed