Defined in include/PxImmediateMode.h

PxArticulationHandle PxEndCreateArticulationRC(PxArticulationCookie articulation, PxArticulationLinkHandle *linkHandles, PxU32 bufferSize)

End creation of an immediate-mode reduced-coordinate articulation.

This call completes the creation of the articulation. All involved cookies become unsafe to use after that point.

The links are actually created in this function, and it returns the actual link handles to users. The given buffer should be large enough to contain as many links as created between the PxBeginCreateArticulationRC & PxEndCreateArticulationRC calls, i.e. if N calls were made to PxAddArticulationLink, the buffer should be large enough to contain N handles.

  • articulation[in] Cookie value returned by PxBeginCreateArticulationRC

  • linkHandles[out] Articulation link handles of all created articulation links

  • bufferSize[in] Size of linkHandles buffer. Must match internal expected number of articulation links.


Articulation handle, or NULL if creation failed