Defined in include/PxPhysics.h

void PxRegisterHeightFields(physx::PxPhysics &physics)

Enables the usage of the heightfield feature.

This call will link the default ‘unified’ implementation of heightfields which is identical to the narrow phase of triangle meshes. This function is called automatically inside PxCreatePhysics().

On resource constrained platforms, it is possible to call PxCreateBasePhysics() and then NOT call this function to save on code memory if your application does not use heightfields. In this case the linker should strip out the relevant implementation code from the library. If you need to use heightfield but not some other optional component, you shoud call PxCreateBasePhysics() followed by this call.

You must call this function at a time where no PxScene instance exists, typically before calling PxPhysics::createScene(). This is to prevent a change to the heightfield implementation code at runtime which would have undefined results.

Calling PxCreateBasePhysics() and then attempting to create a heightfield shape without first calling PxRegisterHeightFields(), will result in an error.