Defined in include/vehicle2/drivetrain/PxVehicleDrivetrainHelpers.h

void PxVehicleLegacyDifferentialTorqueRatiosCompute(const PxVehicleFourWheelDriveDifferentialLegacyParams &diffParams, const PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehicleWheelRigidBody1dState> &wheelOmegas, const PxU32 nbWheels, PxReal *diffTorqueRatios)

Compute the fraction of available torque that is delivered to each wheel through the differential.



Any wheel on an axle connected to the diff could receive a non-zero ratio, depending on the way the differential couples to the wheels.


Any wheel not on an axle connected to the diff will have a zero value.


The sum of all the ratios adds to 1.0.


Slipping wheels driven by the differential will typically receive less torque than non-slipping wheels in the event that the differential has a limited slip configuration.

  • diffParams[in] describes the wheels coupled to the differential and the operation of the torque split at the differential.

  • wheelOmegas[in] describes the rotational speeds of the wheels. Is expected to have nbWheels entries.

  • nbWheels[in] The number of wheels. Can be larger than the number of wheels connected to the differential.

  • diffTorqueRatios[out] describes the fraction of available torque delivered to each wheel. The buffer needs to be sized to be able to hold at least nbWheels entries.