Defined in include/vehicle2/braking/PxVehicleBrakingFunctions.h

inline void PxVehicleBrakeCommandResponseUpdate(const PxReal *brakeCommands, const PxU32 nbBrakeCommands, const PxReal longitudinalSpeed, const PxU32 wheelId, const PxVehicleSizedArrayData<const PxVehicleBrakeCommandResponseParams> &brakeResponseParams, PxReal &brakeResponseState)

Compute the brake torque response to an array of brake commands.


commands.brakes[i] and brakeResponseParams[i] are treated as pairs of brake command and brake command response.

  • brakeCommands[in] is the array of input brake commands to be applied to the vehicle.

  • nbBrakeCommands[in] is the number of input brake commands to be applied to the vehicle.

  • longitudinalSpeed[in] is the longitudinal speed of the vehicle.

  • wheelId[in] specifies the wheel that is to have its brake response computed.

  • brakeResponseParams[in] specifies the per wheel brake torque response to each brake command as a nonlinear function of brake command and longitudinal speed.

  • brakeResponseState[out] is the brake torque response to the input brake command.