Defined in include/vehicle2/pvd/PxVehiclePvdFunctions.h

void PxVehiclePvdRigidBodyRegister(const PxVehicleRigidBodyParams *rbodyParams, const PxVehicleRigidBodyState *rbodyState, const PxVehiclePvdAttributeHandles &attributeHandles, PxVehiclePvdObjectHandles *objectHandles, OmniPvdWriter *omniWriter)

Create object instances in omnipvd that will be used to reflect the parameters and state of the rigid body of a vehicle instance.

Handles to the created object instances will be stored in a PxVehiclePvdObjectHandles instance.


If rbodyParams is NULL, omnipvd will not reflect rigid body parameters.


If rbodyState is NULL, omnipvd will not reflect rigid body state.


objectHandles must be non-NULL


omniWriter must be non-NULL


PxVehiclePvdRigidBodyRegister should be called once for each vehicle instance.

  • rbodyParams[in] describes the parameters of the vehicle’s rigid body.

  • rbodyState[in] describes the state of the vehicle’s rigid body.

  • attributeHandles[in] contains a general description of vehicle parameters and states that will be reflected in omnipvd.

  • objectHandles[in] contains unique handles for the parameters and states of each vehicle instance.

  • omniWriter[in] is an OmniPvdWriter instance used to communicate state and parameter data to omnipvd.