Defined in include/vehicle2/tire/PxVehicleTireFunctions.h

void PxVehicleTireSlipsAccountingForStickyStatesUpdate(const PxVehicleTireStickyState &tireStickyState, PxVehicleTireSlipState &tireSlipState)

Set the tire longitudinal and lateral slip values to 0.0 in the event that the tire has entred tire sticky state.

This is necessary to avoid both tire models being simultaneously active and interfering with each other.


This function should not be invoked if there is no subsequent component to implement the sticky tire model.

  • tireStickyState[in] is a description of the sticky state of the tire in the longitudinal and lateral directions.

  • tireSlipState[out] is the updated lateral and longudinal slip with either set to 0.0 in the event that the correspoinding sticky state is active.