Defined in include/vehicle2/physxActor/PxVehiclePhysXActorHelpers.h

void PxVehiclePhysXActorCreate(const PxVehicleFrame &vehicleFrame, const PxVehiclePhysXRigidActorParams &rigidActorParams, const PxTransform &rigidActorCmassLocalPose, const PxVehiclePhysXRigidActorShapeParams &rigidActorShapeParams, const PxVehiclePhysXWheelParams &wheelParams, const PxVehiclePhysXWheelShapeParams &wheelShapeParams, PxPhysics &physics, const PxCookingParams &params, PxVehiclePhysXActor &vehiclePhysXActor)

Create a PxRigidDynamic instance, instantiate it with desired properties and populate it with PxShape instances.


This is an alternative to PxVehiclePhysXArticulationLinkCreate.


PxVehiclePhysXActorCreate primarily serves as an illustration of the instantiation of the PhysX class instances required to simulate a vehicle with a PxRigidDynamic.

  • vehicleFrame[in] describes the frame of the vehicle.

  • rigidActorParams[in] describes the mass and moment of inertia of the rigid body.

  • rigidActorCmassLocalPose[in] specifies the mapping between actor and rigid body frame.

  • rigidActorShapeParams[in] describes the collision geometry associated with the rigid body.

  • wheelParams[in] describes the radius and half-width of the wheels.

  • wheelShapeParams[in] describes the PxMaterial and PxShapeFlags to apply to the wheel shapes.

  • physics[in] is a PxPhysics instance.

  • params[in] is a PxCookingParams instance

  • vehiclePhysXActor[in] is a record of the PxRigidDynamic and PxShape instances instantiated.