Defined in include/vehicle2/wheel/PxVehicleWheelHelpers.h

inline PxQuat PxVehicleComputeWheelOrientation(const PxVehicleFrame &frame, const PxVehicleSuspensionParams &suspensionParams, const PxReal camberAngle, const PxReal toeAngle, const PxReal steerAngle, const PxQuat &rigidBodyOrientation, const PxReal rotationAngle)

Compute the quaternion of a wheel in the world frame.

  • frame[in] describes the longitudinal and lateral axes of the vehicle.

  • suspensionParams[in] describes the suspension and wheel frames.

  • camberAngle[in] is the camber angle in radian induced by suspension compliance.

  • toeAngle[in] is the toe angle in radians induced by suspension compliance.

  • steerAngle[in] is the steer angle in radians applied to the wheel.

  • rigidBodyOrientation[in] is the quaterion of the rigid body in the world frame.

  • rotationAngle[in] is the angle around the wheel’s lateral axis.


The quaterion of the wheel in the world frame.