Defined in include/PxConstraintDesc.h

struct Px1DConstraintFlag

Constraint row flags.

These flags configure the post-processing of constraint rows and the behavior of the solver while solving constraints

Public Types

enum Type


enumerator eSPRING

whether the constraint is a spring. Mutually exclusive with eRESTITUTION. If set, eKEEPBIAS is ignored.


whether the constraint is a force or acceleration spring. Only valid if eSPRING is set.

enumerator eRESTITUTION

whether the restitution model should be applied to generate the target velocity. Mutually exclusive with eSPRING. If restitution causes a bounces, eKEEPBIAS is ignored

enumerator eKEEPBIAS

whether to keep the error term when solving for velocity. Ignored if restitution generates bounce, or eSPRING is set.

enumerator eOUTPUT_FORCE

whether to accumulate the force value from this constraint in the force total that is reported for the constraint and tested for breakage

enumerator eHAS_DRIVE_LIMIT

whether the constraint has a drive force limit (which will be scaled by dt unless PxConstraintFlag::eLIMITS_ARE_FORCES is set)


whether this is an angular or linear constraint

enumerator eDRIVE_ROW

whether the constraint’s geometric error should drive the target velocity

Public Functions

inline Px1DConstraintFlag()