Defined in include/solver/PxSolverDefs.h

struct PxArticulationLimit

Data structure to set articulation joint limits.

  • The lower limit should be strictly smaller than the higher limit. If the limits should be equal, use PxArticulationMotion::eLOCKED and an appropriate offset in the parent/child joint frames.

  • The limit units are linear units (equivalent to scene units) for a translational axis, or radians for a rotational axis.

Public Functions

inline PxArticulationLimit()
inline PxArticulationLimit(const PxReal low_, const PxReal high_)

Public Members

PxReal low

The lower limit on the joint axis position.

Range: [-PX_MAX_F32, high)Default: 0.0f

PxReal high

The higher limit on the joint axis position.

Range: (low, PX_MAX_F32]Default: 0.0f