Defined in include/cooking/PxBVH33MidphaseDesc.h

struct PxBVH33MidphaseDesc

Structure describing parameters affecting BVH33 midphase mesh structure.


Public Functions

inline void setToDefault()

Desc initialization to default value.

inline bool isValid() const

Returns true if the descriptor is valid.


true if the current settings are valid.

Public Members

PxF32 meshSizePerformanceTradeOff

Controls the trade-off between mesh size and runtime performance.

Using a value of 1.0 will produce a larger cooked mesh with generally higher runtime performance, using 0.0 will produce a smaller cooked mesh, with generally lower runtime performance.

Values outside of [0,1] range will be clamped and cause a warning when any mesh gets cooked.

Default value: 0.55 Range: [0.0f, 1.0f]

PxMeshCookingHint::Enum meshCookingHint

Mesh cooking hint.

Used to specify mesh hierarchy construction preference.

Default value: PxMeshCookingHint::eSIM_PERFORMANCE