Defined in include/cooking/PxBVH34MidphaseDesc.h

struct PxBVH34MidphaseDesc

Structure describing parameters affecting BVH34 midphase mesh structure.

Public Functions

inline void setToDefault()

Desc initialization to default value.

inline bool isValid() const

Returns true if the descriptor is valid.


true if the current settings are valid.

Public Members

PxU32 numPrimsPerLeaf

Mesh cooking hint for max primitives per leaf limit.

Less primitives per leaf produces larger meshes with better runtime performance and worse cooking performance. More triangles per leaf results in faster cooking speed and smaller mesh sizes, but with worse runtime performance.

Default value: 4 Range: <2, 15>

PxBVH34BuildStrategy::Enum buildStrategy

Desired build strategy for the BVH.

Default value: eDEFAULT

bool quantized

Whether the tree should be quantized or not.

Quantized trees use up less memory, but the runtime dequantization (to retrieve the node bounds) might have a measurable performance cost. In most cases the cost is too small to matter, and using less memory is more important. Hence, the default is true.

One important use case for non-quantized trees is deformable meshes. The refit function for the BVH is not supported for quantized trees.

Default value: true