Defined in include/PxSimulationEventCallback.h

struct PxContactPairHeader

An Instance of this class is passed to PxSimulationEventCallback.onContact().

Public Functions

inline PxContactPairHeader()

Public Members

PxActor *actors[2]

The two actors of the notification shape pairs.

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The actor pointers might reference deleted actors. This will be the case if PxPairFlag::eNOTIFY_TOUCH_LOST or PxPairFlag::eNOTIFY_THRESHOLD_FORCE_LOST events were requested for the pair and one of the involved actors gets deleted or removed from the scene. Check the flags member to see whether that is the case. Do not dereference a pointer to a deleted actor. The pointer to a deleted actor is only provided such that user data structures which might depend on the pointer value can be updated.

const PxU8 *extraDataStream

Stream containing extra data as requested in the PxPairFlag flags of the simulation filter.

This pointer is only valid if any kind of extra data information has been requested for the contact report pair (see PxPairFlag::ePOST_SOLVER_VELOCITY etc.), else it will be NULL.

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PxU16 extraDataStreamSize

Size of the extra data stream [bytes].

PxContactPairHeaderFlags flags

Additional information on the contact report pair.

const struct PxContactPair *pairs

pointer to the contact pairs

PxU32 nbPairs

number of contact pairs