Defined in include/geomutils/PxContactPoint.h

struct PxContactPoint

Public Members

PxVec3 normal

The normal of the contacting surfaces at the contact point.

For two shapes s0 and s1, the normal points in the direction that s0 needs to move in to resolve the contact with s1.

PxReal separation

The separation of the shapes at the contact point.

A negative separation denotes a penetration.

PxVec3 point

The point of contact between the shapes, in world space.

PxReal maxImpulse

The max impulse permitted at this point.

PxVec3 targetVel
PxReal staticFriction

The static friction coefficient.

PxU8 materialFlags

Material flags for this contact (eDISABLE_FRICTION, eDISABLE_STRONG_FRICTION).

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PxU32 internalFaceIndex1

The surface index of shape 1 at the contact point.

This is used to identify the surface material.


This field is only supported by triangle meshes and heightfields, else it will be set to PXC_CONTACT_NO_FACE_INDEX.


This value must be directly after internalFaceIndex0 in memory

PxReal dynamicFriction

The dynamic friction coefficient.

PxReal restitution

The restitution coefficient.

PxReal damping