Defined in include/extensions/PxD6Joint.h

struct PxD6Drive

Used to specify which axes of a D6 joint are driven.

Each drive is an implicit force-limited damped spring:

force = spring * (target position - position) + damping * (targetVelocity - velocity)

Alternatively, the spring may be configured to generate a specified acceleration instead of a force.

A linear axis is affected by drive only if the corresponding drive flag is set. There are two possible models for angular drive: swing/twist, which may be used to drive one or more angular degrees of freedom, or slerp, which may only be used to drive all three angular degrees simultaneously.

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Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator eX

drive along the X-axis

enumerator eY

drive along the Y-axis

enumerator eZ

drive along the Z-axis

enumerator eSWING

drive of displacement from the X-axis

enumerator eTWIST

drive of the displacement around the X-axis

enumerator eSLERP

drive of all three angular degrees along a SLERP-path

enumerator eCOUNT