Defined in include/geometry/PxHeightFieldFlag.h

struct PxHeightFieldFormat

Describes the format of height field samples.

Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator eS16_TM

Height field height data is 16 bit signed integers, followed by triangle materials.

Each sample is 32 bits wide arranged as follows:


1) First there is a 16 bit height value. 2) Next, two one byte material indices, with the high bit of each byte reserved for special use. (so the material index is only 7 bits). The high bit of material0 is the tess-flag. The high bit of material1 is reserved for future use.

There are zero or more unused bytes before the next sample depending on PxHeightFieldDesc.sampleStride, where the application may eventually keep its own data.

This is the only format supported at the moment.