Defined in include/geometry/PxTriangleMesh.h

struct PxMeshMidPhase

Mesh midphase structure.

This enum is used to select the desired acceleration structure for midphase queries (i.e. raycasts, overlaps, sweeps vs triangle meshes).

The PxMeshMidPhase::eBVH33 structure is the one used in recent PhysX versions (up to PhysX 3.3). It has great performance and is supported on all platforms. It is deprecated since PhysX 5.x.

The PxMeshMidPhase::eBVH34 structure is a revisited implementation introduced in PhysX 3.4. It can be significantly faster both in terms of cooking performance and runtime performance.

Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator eBVH33

Default midphase mesh structure, as used up to PhysX 3.3 (deprecated)

enumerator eBVH34

New midphase mesh structure, introduced in PhysX 3.4.

enumerator eLAST