Defined in include/common/PxMetaDataFlags.h

struct PxMetaDataFlag

Flags used to configure binary meta data entries, typically set through PX_DEF_BIN_METADATA defines.

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Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator eCLASS

declares a class

enumerator eVIRTUAL

declares class to be virtual

enumerator eTYPEDEF

declares a typedef

enumerator ePTR

declares a pointer

enumerator eHANDLE

declares a handle

enumerator eEXTRA_DATA

declares extra data exported with PxSerializer::exportExtraData

enumerator eEXTRA_ITEM

specifies one element of extra data

enumerator eEXTRA_ITEMS

specifies an array of extra data

enumerator eEXTRA_NAME

specifies a name of extra data

enumerator eUNION

declares a union

enumerator ePADDING

declares explicit padding data

enumerator eALIGNMENT

declares aligned data

enumerator eCOUNT_MASK_MSB

specifies that the count value’s most significant bit needs to be masked out

enumerator eCOUNT_SKIP_IF_ONE

specifies that the count value is treated as zero for a variable value of one - special case for single triangle meshes

enumerator eCONTROL_FLIP

specifies that the control value is the negate of the variable value

enumerator eCONTROL_MASK

specifies that the control value is masked - mask bits are assumed to be within eCONTROL_MASK_RANGE


mask range allowed for eCONTROL_MASK

enumerator eFORCE_DWORD