Defined in include/PxParticleBuffer.h

struct PxParticleCloth

Particle cloth structure.

Holds information about a single piece of cloth that is part of a PxParticleClothBuffer.

Public Functions

inline bool operator<=(const PxParticleCloth &other) const
inline bool operator>=(const PxParticleCloth &other) const
inline bool operator<(const PxParticleCloth &other) const
inline bool operator>(const PxParticleCloth &other) const
inline bool operator==(const PxParticleCloth &other) const

Public Members

PxU32 startVertexIndex

Index of the first particle of this cloth in the position/velocity buffers of the parent PxParticleClothBuffer.

PxU32 numVertices

The number of particles of this piece of cloth.

PxReal clothBlendScale

Used internally.

PxReal restVolume

The rest volume of this piece of cloth, used for inflatable simulation.

PxReal pressure

The factor of the rest volume to specify the target volume for this piece of cloth, used for inflatable simulation.

PxU32 startTriangleIndex

The index of the first triangle of this piece of cloth in the triangle list.

PxU32 numTriangles

The number of triangles of this piece of cloth.