Defined in include/PxParticleSystemFlag.h

struct PxParticlePhaseFlag

Identifies per-particle behavior for a PxParticleSystem.

See PxParticleSystem::createPhase().

Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator eParticlePhaseGroupMask

Bits [ 0, 19] represent the particle group for controlling collisions.

enumerator eParticlePhaseFlagsMask

Bits [20, 23] hold flags about how the particle behave.

enumerator eParticlePhaseSelfCollide

If set this particle will interact with particles of the same group.

enumerator eParticlePhaseSelfCollideFilter

If set this particle will ignore collisions with particles closer than the radius in the rest pose, this flag should not be specified unless valid rest positions have been specified using setRestParticles()

enumerator eParticlePhaseFluid

If set this particle will generate fluid density constraints for its overlapping neighbors.