Defined in include/PxAttachment.h

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

struct PxParticleRigidAttachment : public PxParticleRigidFilterPair

Struct to specify attachment between a particle/vertex and a rigid.

Public Functions

inline bool operator<(const PxParticleRigidFilterPair &other) const
inline bool operator>(const PxParticleRigidFilterPair &other) const
inline bool operator==(const PxParticleRigidFilterPair &other) const

Public Members

PxVec4 mLocalPose0

local pose in body frame - except for statics, these are using world positions.

PxConeLimitParams mParams

Parameters to specify cone constraints.

PxU64 mID0

Rigid node index.

PxU64 mID1

Particle/vertex id.