Defined in include/PxParticleSolverType.h

struct PxParticleSolverType

Identifies the solver to use for a particle system.

Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator ePBD

The position based dynamics solver that can handle fluid, granular material, cloth, inflatables etc. See PxPBDParticleSystem.

enumerator eFLIP

The FLIP fluid solver. See #PxFLIPParticleSystem.

enumerator eMPM

The MPM (material point method) solver that can handle a variety of materials. See #PxMPMParticleSystem.

enumerator eCUSTOM

Custom solver. The user needs to specify the interaction of the particle by providing appropriate functions. Can be used e.g. for molecular dynamics simulations. See #PxCustomParticleSystem.