Defined in include/PxSceneQueryDesc.h

struct PxPruningStructureType

Pruning structure used to accelerate scene queries.

eNONE uses a simple data structure that consumes less memory than the alternatives, but generally has slower query performance.

eDYNAMIC_AABB_TREE usually provides the fastest queries. However there is a constant per-frame management cost associated with this structure. How much work should be done per frame can be tuned via the PxSceneQueryDesc::dynamicTreeRebuildRateHint parameter.

eSTATIC_AABB_TREE is typically used for static objects. It is the same as the dynamic AABB tree, without the per-frame overhead. This can be a good choice for static objects, if no static objects are added, moved or removed after the scene has been created. If there is no such guarantee (e.g. when streaming parts of the world in and out), then the dynamic version is a better choice even for static objects.

Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator eNONE

Using a simple data structure.


Using a dynamic AABB tree.

enumerator eSTATIC_AABB_TREE

Using a static AABB tree.

enumerator eLAST