Defined in include/PxQueryFiltering.h

struct PxQueryFlag

Filtering flags for scene queries.

Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator eSTATIC

Traverse static shapes.

enumerator eDYNAMIC

Traverse dynamic shapes.

enumerator ePREFILTER

Run the pre-intersection-test filter (see PxQueryFilterCallback::preFilter())

enumerator ePOSTFILTER

Run the post-intersection-test filter (see PxQueryFilterCallback::postFilter())

enumerator eANY_HIT

Abort traversal as soon as any hit is found and return it via callback.block. Helps query performance. Both eTOUCH and eBLOCK hitTypes are considered hits with this flag.

enumerator eNO_BLOCK

All hits are reported as touching. Overrides eBLOCK returned from user filters with eTOUCH. This is also an optimization hint that may improve query performance.


Run with legacy batch query filter behavior. Raising this flag ensures that the hardcoded filter equation is neglected. This guarantees that any provided PxQueryFilterCallback will be utilised, as specified by the ePREFILTER and ePOSTFILTER flags.


Same as eBATCH_QUERY_LEGACY_BEHAVIOUR, more explicit name making it clearer that this can also be used with regular/non-batched queries if needed.

enumerator eRESERVED

Reserved for internal use.