Defined in include/geometry/PxGeometryQueryContext.h

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struct PxQueryThreadContext

A per-thread context passed to low-level query functions.

This is a user-defined optional parameter that gets passed down to low-level query functions (raycast / overlap / sweep).

This is not used directly in PhysX, although the context in this case is the PxHitCallback used in the query. This allows user-defined query functions, such as the ones from PxCustomGeometry, to get some additional data about the query. In this case this is a ‘per-query’ context rather than ‘per-thread’, but the initial goal of this parameter is to give custom query callbacks access to per-thread data structures (e.g. caches) that could be needed to implement the callbacks.

In any case this is mostly for user-controlled query systems.

Subclassed by PxHitCallback< HitType >, PxHitCallback< PxOverlapHit >, PxHitCallback< PxRaycastHit >, PxHitCallback< PxSweepHit >