Defined in include/solver/PxSolverDefs.h

struct PxSolverBodyData

Struct that the solver uses to store the state and other properties of a body.

Public Functions

inline PxReal projectVelocity(const PxVec3 &lin, const PxVec3 &ang) const

Public Members

PxVec3 linearVelocity

12 Pre-solver linear velocity

PxReal invMass

16 inverse mass

PxVec3 angularVelocity

28 Pre-solver angular velocity

PxReal reportThreshold

32 contact force threshold

PxMat33 sqrtInvInertia

68 inverse inertia in world space

PxReal penBiasClamp

72 the penetration bias clamp

PxU32 nodeIndex

76 the node idx of this solverBodyData. Used by solver to reference between solver bodies and island bodies. Not required by immediate mode

PxReal maxContactImpulse

80 the max contact impulse

PxTransform body2World

108 the body’s transform

PxU16 pad

112 pad