Defined in include/PxSparseGridParams.h

struct PxSparseGridParams

Parameters to define the sparse grid settings like grid spacing, maximal number of subgrids etc.

Public Functions

inline PxSparseGridParams()

Default constructor.

inline PxSparseGridParams(const PxSparseGridParams &params)

Copy constructor.

inline PxU32 getNumCellsPerSubgrid() const
inline PxReal getSqrt3dx() const
inline void setToDefault()

(re)sets the structure to the default.

inline void operator=(const PxSparseGridParams &params)

Assignment operator.

Public Members

PxU32 maxNumSubgrids

Maximum number of subgrids.

PxReal gridSpacing

Grid spacing for the grid.

PxU16 subgridSizeX

Subgrid resolution in x dimension (must be an even number)

PxU16 subgridSizeY

Subgrid resolution in y dimension (must be an even number)

PxU16 subgridSizeZ

Subgrid resolution in z dimension (must be an even number)

PxU16 haloSize

Number of halo cell layers around every subgrid cell. Only 0 and 1 are valid values.