Defined in include/PxSimulationEventCallback.h

struct PxTriggerPair

Descriptor for a trigger pair.

An array of these structs gets passed to the PxSimulationEventCallback::onTrigger() report.


The shape pointers might reference deleted shapes. This will be the case if PxPairFlag::eNOTIFY_TOUCH_LOST events were requested for the pair and one of the involved shapes gets deleted. Check the flags member to see whether that is the case. Do not dereference a pointer to a deleted shape. The pointer to a deleted shape is only provided such that user data structures which might depend on the pointer value can be updated.

Public Functions

inline PxTriggerPair()

Public Members

PxShape *triggerShape

The shape that has been marked as a trigger.

PxActor *triggerActor

The actor to which triggerShape is attached.

PxShape *otherShape

The shape causing the trigger event.


(see PxSimulationEventCallback::onTrigger()) If collision between trigger shapes is enabled, then this member might point to a trigger shape as well.

PxActor *otherActor

The actor to which otherShape is attached.

PxPairFlag::Enum status

Type of trigger event (eNOTIFY_TOUCH_FOUND or eNOTIFY_TOUCH_LOST). eNOTIFY_TOUCH_PERSISTS events are not supported.

PxTriggerPairFlags flags

Additional information on the pair (see PxTriggerPairFlag)