Defined in include/vehicle2/drivetrain/PxVehicleDrivetrainParams.h

struct PxVehicleGearboxParams

Public Types

enum Enum

Maximum supported number of gears, including reverse and neutral.


enumerator eMAX_NB_GEARS

Public Functions

inline PxVehicleGearboxParams transformAndScale(const PxVehicleFrame &srcFrame, const PxVehicleFrame &trgFrame, const PxVehicleScale &srcScale, const PxVehicleScale &trgScale) const
inline bool isValid() const

Public Members

PxU32 neutralGear

The gear that denotes neutral gear.

PxReal ratios[eMAX_NB_GEARS]

Gear ratios.

The ratio for reverse gears must be negative, the ratio for the neutral gear has to be 0 and the ratio for forward gears must be positive.

PxReal finalRatio

Gear ratio applied is ratios[currentGear]*finalRatio.

Range: (0, inf)

PxU32 nbRatios

Number of gears (including reverse and neutral).

Range: [1, eMAX_NB_GEARS]

PxReal switchTime

Time it takes to switch gear.

Range: [0, inf)Unit: time